Office Meal

Delicious and light food
taking into account the request of your employees

Consideration of wishes
your employees

Dishes without amplifiers

Free shipping

Kitchen certification

Flexible forms of payment

Choice of two dishes
in each section


We buy products for one day
We work with trusted suppliers


We are working on new positions

and testing before implementation


Based on feedback, we make adjustments
We update monthly and seasonally


Cooking in compliance with the norms
on filtered water

Daily menu sample

How we deliver

  • Transportation of food in thermal bags
  • Optimum temperature during delivery
  • Waterproofing and protection from external factors
  • Non-woven material – durable eco material

2 packaging options

1. Gastronorm containers – ECOLOGICAL

  • No plastic – caring for nature
  • Ideal conditions for transporting food
  • Keeps temperature during and after delivery

2. Container

  • No need for a distribution line
  • Take away meals
  • Personalized order for each employee