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Why ordering food at NUDEFOOD is profitable

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The topic of healthy and proper nutrition is a trend in recent years. Moreover, we move away from the picture of overly skinny models, and go to a healthy silhouette, a well-built and developed body. Healthy eating plays the first role in this.

Due to constant stress at work or at home, we do not pay attention to how our “healthy mechanism” is losing ground. Arriving home after a hard day, you probably won’t want to run into the kitchen, wondering what to cook. And then waste your precious time digging in dirty pots and pans. The good news is that today there are many opportunities that can help us live a little more comfortable.

NUDEFOOD is a service for the delivery of healthy food rations. We help our clients save time and money on delicious food, while not saving on their health. Here are the main benefits of ordering NUDEFOOD ready-made rations:

  • save time,
  • save money,
  • save energy,
  • a varied diet,
  • use only fresh quality products.

Why ordering food at NUDEFOOD is profitable

Imagine that, according to statistics, a resident of a metropolis spends about 9 hours a week on food shopping and cooking! The NUDEFOOD service team has made sure that you are resting or doing important things instead. While our chefs have already developed a unique meal structure for the whole family.

One of the values ​​of our company is satisfied customers. That is why every person who wants to eat healthy and tasty will be able to find a suitable diet for himself. You can be sure that our varied menu will not “pall” you in a few days. Having tasted our dishes once, customers come back again.

NUDEFOOD Daily Rations

We have prepared nutrition programs for you that will suit you no matter what goal you choose, eating right:

  1. Did you miss a normal meal in the everlasting bustle of snacks? Then the program will definitely suit you “Balance”. The meal program includes 3 full meals as well as healthy, nutritious snacks of your choice. With this menu, you can save up to 80 UAH, because the cost of the ration is only 239 UAH / day. And a special program “No snacks” saturates the body essential substances for everyone’s usual diet: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Would you like to eat meat-free? Then The Meat-Free program is right for you. It was developed in collaboration with a nutritionist, adapted and balanced for a complete and varied diet.
  3. Can’t bear fish on your mind? We have taken care of this too. The program “Without fish” was developed at the request of those who wish eat without fish. It is balanced in all the substances the body needs, such as phosphorus and omega3.
  4. Looking for a ration that doesn’t include breakfast and dinner? Our program Without breakfast and dinner ” is ideal for this task. The ration includes lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.
  5. Are you aiming to lose weight while eating right without harming your body? Our program “Slimming” will help you easily lose weight weight, full and regular eating 5 times a day, tasty and varied food.
  6. Not at all can you gain weight and gain weight? Program Weight gain” will help you gain muscle mass, reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat and relieve you of excess volume and fluid.
  7. Having achieved the goal, consolidate the result. The program “ Maintain” will help to save the figure and hold body toned after losing weight or gaining mass.


For your convenience, we have calculated in the menu of each program. If you are not sure which diet is best for you, sign up for a trial day of any of the programs. This will help you understand what you liked more. And when ordering for 30+ days, you get a discount on all rations. NUDEFOOD is the food of modern people. Try it today!