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Immunity and food: how to eat in winter

In a pandemic that has been ruthlessly “attacking” us for more than six months, it is extremely important to know how we can help our body. Here we turn to one well-known folk wisdom: “you are what you eat”.

After all, what we consume affects the microflora of our stomach and intestines, which in turn are responsible for all the microelements the body needs. Immunoglobulins are produced in the intestinal mucosa, which neutralize viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Based on this, we understand that our healthy diet is 80% of strong immunity and protection from diseases.

How to get your food in order?

We will talk about this topic, which is relevant for everyone. Every year, along with the autumn blues, that same ill-fated season of seasonal colds comes to us. This means that we need to rather take care of preparing our body for all possible risks and stresses. What do you need to do for this?

The first thing to start from is, of course, the creation of the most comfortable conditions for the work of the whole organism. Start small, don’t forget the standard guidelines:

  • give up bad habits;
  • adjust your sleep pattern;
  • get rid of the toxic environment.

To increase immunity, do not rush to the nearest pharmacy and demolish the shelves with vitamins. First of all, you need a varied and regular diet, because it is nutrition that is the basis of our health. What foods should you include in your diet during the fall and winter seasons?

  1. Pumpkin fruits are perhaps the most popular product in October, not only for Halloween, but also for their beneficial qualities. Pumpkin is rich in a storehouse of vitamins of groups: C, A, E, B, P and a very rare vitamin T, which affects metabolic processes in the body. It is also rich in iron and vitamin content B1, which is responsible for good spirits. Most importantly, it is quite low in calories and is suitable even for those who are so afraid of gaining extra pounds.
  2. All citrus fruits. We all know perfectly well that it is oranges, lemons and grapefruits that are absolute record holders for the amount of vitamins C, B, A and D contained in them. Strengthen blood vessels and also have a positive effect on digestion.
  3. Where can we go without fish? It supports our entire body, it is, without exaggeration, one hundred percent guarantee of beauty and health. Trout, salmon, tuna, salmon are rich omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, as well as zinc, which is involved in the structure of immune cells and fights inflammation. It will also help maintain an even, healthy complexion, make your nails less brittle and give your hair a well-groomed look.
  4. Seasonal berries will help keep the body in good shape. Cranberries, lingonberries and viburnum retain their properties even when frozen. Increasingly, berries are recommended to be included in the diet for vitamin deficiency. You can not only eat them, but also brew them with tea or make tasty and healthy fruit drinks from them.
  5. Nuts will help you reduce the harmful effects of stress and nervous tension. This is not only a nutritious snack, but also a source of healthy unsaturated fat and fiber.
  6. So where can you go without garlic? Garlic contains the natural antibiotic allicin, which helps prevent complications from colds and flu. Adding garlic to your menu is the best prevention of any infection and inflammation.
  7. Don’t underestimate the benefits of fermented foods. They are especially appreciated in case of weakened immunity. Among the products that break down more complex substances into enzymes and contribute to comfortable digestion: sauerkraut, pickled and pickled cucumbers, as well as homemade yogurt. They also note that enzymes help to cope with heartburn and liver failure.

The best part is that we can help you maintain your immune system. Delivering daily food rations, “ NUDEFOOD” has been making its customers healthier and happier for more than 3 years, which is so important not only in a difficult time of a pandemic, but also in any season.